[REL/DEV] Bloodline server v2 [The Future][Prehosted DCRs][Non-SQL]

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[REL/DEV] Bloodline server v2 [The Future][Prehosted DCRs][Non-SQL]

Post  Micky on Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:07 am

BloodLine Server v2!!!!!!
Anyway,BloodLine Server was first made June 23rd 2008 with the help of a few coders and now Bloodline Server v2 Not made by me

Below you can find all the details you need for the BloodLine Server!!

Qucik Description:

The BloodLine Sever v2 is a server based on USA111 v9 Source by Usa111.
It is closed source and will remain that way, anyways the server has the obvious but I have to make a list so...

- Credits -
Splaze(Me) ( Developement & Creator of source)
Monsta ( some custom commands)
Donkjam (help with my stupid questions)
Moogly (help with some buggs & questions)
MyChemicalSelf (help with bugs and questions)

Loading Screen

Main Screen

Database Editor Screen

Tools Screen

Credits Screen

Public Rooms + Spectator Bar

Guest Rooms + Spectator Bar

Room Voting + Spectator Bar

NOTE: IF v18-v23 furni dont work you have to RE-add the buy_furni and catalogue files to the server database

Features of The BloodLine Server are as follows :

-Spectator Bar 100%

- Tickets 100%
- Warps 100%
- Room Voting 100%
- Public Rooms 100%
<> Infobus questions via client, use :bushelp for more info
<> Brandnew Database Editor
<> The new 'v18-v24' furni,

V12 - V23 Furni (100%)

V13 Bugs fixed (80%)

Modify room fixed (100%)

Habbo Exchange (100%)

Public Rooms (100%)

Public Room bots (99%)

Bots fully editable (100%)

Delete Furni (100%)

Crocodile Pets (100%)

Swimming (?%)

Diving (?%)

Public room "Rooftop" works with both rooms (100%)

Console & CFH working for all (100%)

You walk th the door before you get out the room (100%)(Only if you click on the door)

Colored furni displayed in color in the hand too (100%)
Login/Register 'hangging' (100%) HC System 100%
HC Presents
HC Clothes only for HC's
HC Runs out
Dancebug (NonHC's can dance too)
Trophy Names fully displayed
Full CFH Fix
Roller limit
Pet Limit
Furni ID Limit fix (on other server furni over 32.000 are not working, on this Server the id can be MUCH more than 100 Million, i think theres no limit
Doorbell fix
Roompass fix
Badword checking on register
Password min. 6 characters and a number
Head-Moving when someone talks
PostIt fix (you can append a postit if you doesnt have rights)
Console Search
Ask friend
Last online
Console mission
Register-Fix (female habbos are males on some servers after register)
Change Password
Change Email
No Runtime Errors
Full server Update (things like that: if you buy a present its sometimes not displayed on users hand)
Commands ever working
Bug-Figures where kicked automatically
":whosonline" command (order by ip)
":userdata habboname" command
":voucher code amount" command
Locale system (you can translate the server in your language without the Source)
Categorys for Staffs
Badge scripting disabled
MOD/Admin rank can enter any room
fuse_see_flat_ids right addet for admins
Staff catalogue
Edit Badword-List
Change Badword replacement
If you change a habbos rank to "moderator" he is renamed automatically to MOD-(name)
If you change a habbos rank from "moderator" to another he is automatically renamed to his old name
:givebadge NAME BADGE
:takebadge NAME BADGE
:deleteroom ID
10 Room Categories
Waving fixed
You doesnt walk if you click on a solid furni
If you/a admin deletes a room you can walk/pick up/move furni nevertheless in it (before the fix the room was frozen if you delete it)
Restore rooms in Settings-Window
New Dice System (All dices are working everytime, they with IDs highter than 40.000 too!)
CFH Fix (The alert "Already picked up by...") is working again
Whisper fix
You cant trade Pets
You cant trade Presents
Admins can kick mods but mods not admins, mods can kick gold but gold not mods (...)
Mods can only use :userdata (if its allowed for the rank) for users under their rank (not on admins) (...)
:commands - shows all speech-commands in a alert
:closeroom ID
:openroom ID
Socket problem fully fixed (before that it sometimes>often disconnects if you tried to login, it was a generally error in flex source)
Catalogue Spaces-Fix (Thx to Matt)
Other fixes/updates
Updates in Database\Settings Editor
Updated Releasecheck, 'This version is elapsed' shouldnt come up anymore
Addet Room-Categorie Roomlist to the "maxroomsinlist" - Limit
Messages (100%)
Staff console Messages from Server
Fixes @ Console: If you delete a User his messages to you wehre deleted automatically
VL64 Decoder fixed
Working connectioncheck
Register Message (console)
Report console Message (uses cfh)
Better connection checking (no d/c if youre afk)
Always actual Friendlist (Positions of the Users, offline/guestroom/hotelview)
It doesnt send a second CFH if a CFH is picked up, it updates the old one

Commands of the BloodLine Server are :

<> Speech command:
- :drink command
- :cleanhand command
- :fix command (console)
- :details command
- :refresh command (clears all incoming packetdata)
- :petcommands command
- :debug command, admin's only
- :offline command
- :closeserver command
- :restartserver command
- :changepassword command
- :giverank command
- :changemission command
- :ha command (hotelalert)
- :userdata command (extended)
<> Newest Speech commands:
-:masskick command (kicks EVERYONE in the room)
-:welcomemessage command (Makes a new welcome message for the hotel)
-:port command (changes server port)
-:deleteuser command (deletes the user from the database)
-:warp (warps users)
-:position (shows your postion in a room
-:pass (d/c you)
-:start (send you to hotel view)
-:update (update user ID)
-:poof (use after :update)

Current Known Bugs :

Swimming & Diving Dont Work

Trax Dont Work
Wobble Squable Dont Work
Info Bus Dont Work

Main Form Details:

Packetlogs ~ lets you see what data is being submitted
Chatlogs ~ lets you see what people say
Database Editor ~ Edit the database the fast way



DCR -http://bloodline.**************.com/splaze/splaze.dcr

External Text -http://bloodline.**************.com/splaze/ETC/texts.txt

External Variables -http://bloodline.**************.com/splaze/ETC/vars.txt

Loader :



<title>Splaze's ~ BloodLine Server ~ Loader</title>

<base target="_blank">
<body bgcolor="#000000" topmargin="0" link="#FFFFFF" vlink="#FFFFFF" alink="#FFFFFF">
<div align=center>
<param name="src" value="">
<param name="swRemote" value="swSaveEnabled='true' swVolume='true' swRestart='false' swPausePlay='false' swFastForward='false' swTitle='Spits' swContextMenu='true' ">
<param name="swStretchStyle" value="none">
<param name="swText" value="">
<param name="bgColor" value="#000000">
<param name="sw6" value="external.texts.txt=http://bloodline.**************.com/splaze/ETC/texts.txt">
<param name="sw2" value="connection.info.host=YOUR IP HERE;connection.info.port=YOUR PORT HERE>
<param name="sw4" value="connection.mus.host=;connection.mus.port=30 001">
<param name="sw3" value="client.reload.url=http://starblox.co.cc">
<param name="sw1" value="site.url=http://starblox.co.cc;url.prefix=http://starblox.co.cc">
<param name="sw5" value="external.variables.txt=http://bloodline.**************.com/splaze/ETC/vars.txt">
<embed src="http://bloodline.**************.com/splaze/splaze.dcr" bgColor="#000000" width="720" height="540" align="middle" swRemote="swSaveEnabled='true' swVolume='true' swRestart='false' swPausePlay='false' swFastForward='false' swTitle='massivewake' swContextMenu='true'" swStretchStyle="none" swText="" type="application/x-director" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/"
sw2="connection.info.host=YOUR IP HERE;connection.info.port=YOUR PORT HERE"
sw4="connection.mus.host=;connection.mus.port=3000 1"

Note : the v18-v24 furni work find your own dcrs and loader and for traading rooms i think its the habbo staff recomened room categorrie if not try all catergoriees Razz

Download Link

mediafire.com ?ied02msfyjo

Downlad Link Mirror(FIXED [v18-v24 FURNI WORKS])

rapidshare.com BloodLine_Server_v2.zip.html

Fk Otaku Blocked out my dcr and text links
well just use your own dcrs

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